Welcome world citizen to Parthaneon


Us humans have been led to believe that the world we live in is the right way and that the religions we are or have been following simply was the best way forward. We trusted our various global institutions, that these were in fact capable of wanting our best. It seems like most of the world has awoken to a different reality, and more and more people today are seeking a different path/way of living. – Those who have would claim that it is right to be rich. They would even claim that it is not their fault that the poor have nothing. Those who have vs. those who have not seem to come together on several occasions to try find a better way forward that is mutually beneficial for everybody. Fortunately there are some of the people who have, that are having conscious problems, and this aides the opportunity to meet with the have nots.

If you are not part of the club, you are out. No money, no comfort, no technology – No life. The UN agenda 21 is being put into full swing, and those who ask questions are cut off and kicked out of the club.

The UN agenda 21 gives the impression that it is a sensitble program that has all global resources in mind, and the tone and manor in how it is written, it seems sensible. However, there is a different story behind it, as it is primarily authored by an extremely talented and highly educated selected group of scientists and narrators.