Why was Parthaneon created? Because the Jew World Order, is so far beyond a sane world for anybody. Everybody following this agenda will with no hesitation subconsciously know that they are on the wrong path. Those people who have ignored it for too long, and have taken part in the insane agenda, have or are committing suicide. The Jew World Order is extensive and reaches into every walks of life, religion and institution, and defies all natural and common sense. No politician in the world you live in is free of the Jew World Order, all of them are part of them.

Parthaneon has focus on multiple areas

  • Nature
  • Living & economic stability
  • Global resource and wast management
  • Culture
  • Religion

Is it possible to reach a level of Utopia? Of course it is, if you are a citizen of Parthaneon, you will in time actually find that it is possible, but it is more difficult than most can understand and it will take up to 10 years to understand how it can work. There are several factors that have an impact for humans to reach Utopia. The primary factor is of non human origin.

Parthaneon is the only 100% independent sovereign state in the world, and the President of Parthaneon is the Supremus Optivus aka. The Blue Emperor. Eventhough the country is mobile the country primarily resides on the Zealand island of Denmark. Parthenon is a global country. Those who are citizens of Parthaneon obide by the law written in the Parthaneon constitution and civil rights document. Those who are not citizens of Parthaneon do not have to abide the law of Parthaneon. Should a citizen of Parthaneon violate the law of the country where he or she might be found, it must be reported immediately to Parthaneon and the high court of Parthaneon will take the matter into account, and rule/sanction on the wrongdoing/violation if it is in violation of the law in Parthaneon.

If the Police in any country does not respect the ruling of the Parthaneon High Court, we will try to sanction the country as much as possible, in which the police officer resides.

Parthaneon is negotiating to have certain territories around the world that are 100% Parthaneon land area. In these territories the law of Parthaneon is 100% effective.


Physical boarders

The actual physical boarders surround the Parthaneon citizen is precisely at 1.61803398 meters. This number is also a representation of the Golden Ratio. Once you come closer than this, then you are actually in Parthaneon, and the law of the country you used to be is no longer valid, you are now under the rule and law of Parthaneon.

Any person or individual that crosses this line and does not abide the law of Parthaneon is considered an act of either war or terror, and will be dealt with in the manor that the citizens finds it to be necessary, to remove any obstacle or conflict. Because Parthaneon citizens are at great risk of becoming victims they are protected by the Parthaneon defence law. It is considered a violation if a foreign person does not obide by the law in Parthaneon. The law is very clear, it is not permitted to commit any violence against anybody if there is no threat.


Dual or Triple citizenship

In Parthaneon it is allowed to hold two other citizenships, but if you hold primary citizenship in Parthaneon, we will inform your other nations of your primary selection. if you are to stand trial or convicted of a felony or crime in the country you reside, we will ask to look at the case, and judge upon it. In worst case you could end up losing your Parthaenon citizenship permanently, and will thus not be protected by the laws of Parthaneon any longer. The verdict will be looked at individually and ruled on. What does apply as good behaviour or conduct is when citizens don´t encourage life, and protect this planet. What apply´s as bad behaviour, is disrespect towards other humans, animals and/or other things. Most citizens of Parthaneon are free to do what they feel they need as long as they always keep in mind, that with this freedom comes responsibility. It is our true understanding in Parthaneon that all living creatures knows by instinct what is right and what is wrong. However it is a bit more complicated than that, and this is what your will be taught about while you are applying for your Parthaneon citizenship.


Anything within the boarder of Parthaneon belongs to Parthaneon including the land.

Being Soverign means that the country is not tied up to any deals or commitments. The country has lots of friends and partners around the world among the highest and the lowest.


Parthaneon Constitution.

The constitution is 100% transparent for all citizens as well as all Parliamentary decisions.

The country was founded in 2008 as a consequence of a well driven Global Agenda by the name of Global 2000 also called agenda 21. Parthaneon has no part in this agenda, and eventhough the country has been forced on nummerous occasions to obtain the plan, we have continued to stay firm on this decision.


Non Citizens of Parthaneon

Are you not a citizen of Parthaneon then you have no significance what so ever to any of us citizens of Parthaneon. Even though you could be a wonderful divine being, then you hold only very little value to us citizens of Parthaneon. If you are not a citizen of Parthaneon, then you are NOT free but a Zionist controlled individual piece of cattle, where the Zionist overlords can harvest your every effort and attempt to satisfy the Zionistic overlords and masons. The vast majority of the thoughts in your mind, are not your own, but inserted. Your creation-al force or level of consciousness is primarily switched off.

Citizens of Parthaneon:

Citizens of Parthaneon abide by the law of Parthaneon within the boarders of Parthaneon. Parthaneon citizens visiting other countries, or living there as a result of dual citizenship, shall follow the law of Parthaneon, where the individual has chosen to have Parthaneon as their primary country. Other countries do not have any jurisdiction over you if Parthaneon is your primary citizenship.


The President of Parthaneon

A radius around the President of Parthaneon is Parthaneon country, and those who are within 100 feet of the President, must abide by the law of Parthaneon. No other nations authority must engage in any conversation with the President before asking permission. All that can be written here is that it is not wise to confront the President without authorization.


What is the UN

The UN is an assembly of people, who are not democratically elected. However they have been hand-picked my a small minority, that only cares for their own insane agenda, giving those who have more power, more wealth and power.


Parthaneon vs. UN

The UN which essentially is driven by the Royal Institute of International Affairs has its main offices in the city of London and in Israel and of course Rome. As a consequence of this, the countries the Vatican city in Rome, Israel and City of London are our main enemies.


Since Parthaneon does NOT recognize the UN and the UN does not recognize Parthaneon, the Parthaneon currency yet official, is neither recognized by the global stock exchanges or other monetary institutions.


New age nonsense

We are not part of any New age nonsense or for that matter Scientology bs. We in Parthanoen treasure everything and of course also quality.



Parthaneon has no intention in having any type of Propaganda machine to fill people with lies every single day. It is our ambition to keep people updated with the truth.



All religions today are ruined and corrupt. The religion in Parthaneon is Gnostiscm, as it can be scientifically proven. However it is not 100% Gnostic but mixed with other religious sciences.



The Parthaneon Domain name

The title of the Domain name indicates that it is a Polish site, which is completely false, Parthaneon has no affiliation with Poland. The .pl stands for Parliament.


In Parthaneon it is most certain that those who do the best for the planet and fellow humans should be rewarded with the most goods, unlike those who today create the most chaos and death are rewarded with goods and money.

Foreign office


If you wish to get in touch with our Foreign office – contact the following


Alan Watt


Here Alan Watt is describing the world you are living in.