Written by student phd. Erik Denton Williams

Good mental health vs. wealth, are two oposites like oil and water, in the current world we live in. That emplies the richer you are, the more insane you are without exception. That does not mean that they can be merged in the future. One of the things I am working really hard on achieving is equalizing both factors. So far I have not had any luck on bringing them even remotely closer.
During my research I have tried to find the connection, and what I have concluded so far is the less sane you are the richer you become. I have not been able yet to isolate neither, thus giving me the result of what comes first.So far it seems once great richness is achieved is when less sanity appears, meaning that achieving money is the cause of insanity. Great wealth shuts down vital empathetic centers of the brain.
Conclusion. Proof 1 – People born into great wealth seem to be in possesion of empathetic/passion gene/capabilities supports the theory that money creates insanity/psychopathic state. How – well it is the achieving process that shuts off the centers, so it is by achieving, not by having as is the case when being born rich. Proof 2 – People who suddenly win the Lottery, totally lose their sanity and lose their entire social sphere including family members. Unfortunately it seems irreversible, meaning that once you have reached a certain level of insanity, you are not likely to return to a normal healthy state.
In the extreme cases which is seem very often, people who achieve enormous wealth in a short time can be so emotionally distant/shut off that they even lose selfcare and become suicidal.