The Universal law works this way


Most people do not believe in Karma, and think it is some sort of mind control or limitational force. During our close investigations over many years, we have concluded that the universe always makes sure to balance things off. What comes around goes around. If you send some energy out, you can be sure it will return to you sooner or later in some form either in this life or in the next if you return.


Parthaneon has and is being sanctioned by the global banking elite. They operate in every country and rule any country on the face of the earth. Any person who gives them nurrishment is considered a criminal here. The leaders in Parthanoen are connected to those who manage the divine Karma, thus representing the Universal Lore. We will be very precise on who and what the people assisting the global Satanic Elite, to be reborn as a rat in their life to come.


The universe allows there to be dynamics, meaning that you always can override other peoples fee will, but sooner or later this override will return to those who violate others beings free will. We in Parthaneon believe that every living being has a divine right. For a long time we were sure that not all beings did not have the level of consciousness to decide what they wanted, and or have free will. .


Donation and sacrifice

In Parthaneon we live by the principles to send love to those animals or individuals who sacrifice them selves for us, and consider this to be the highest form of love that exists.

Finanicially donations is in Parthaneon also considered a form of sacrifice and those who chose to donate money to Parthaneon hold a very significant place, and will be handsomely rewarded karma wise.


Morphic Ressonance and fields is explained here below by Rupert Sheldrake


A totally brilliant professor of biology and other studies has conducted severeal investigations into the morphic ressonance area, where he explains how they work and operate. This kind of information is not your average person is used too. In Parthaneon everything he says is common sense, and we live by these principles and mechanisms every single day. Mr. Sheldrake holds the highest order and regard in Parthaneon. Through multiple biological experiments we have concluded that all types of beings have free will, and the ability to decide outside the morphic ressonance. The divine morphich energy system operates in a constant fibonazzi pattern where time is taken out of the equation.


Parthaneon intelligence is constantly monitoring the situtation in the world, to learn about what is going on. We have taken on a role in Parthaneon to rule on what we think is fair and what is not.

Gaia Sophia vs Archons by Laura Eisenhower

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